Exclusive t-shirts to promote community gardens in Senegal

The merchandise designed by Yere Jeëkk for the Rototom will help the NGO Yakaar Africa in its program against malnutrition in the Senegalese region of Bassari Country.

A few weeks ago we announced the launch during this edition of an exclusive merchandise line with an African essence and a social purpose, which will be used to finance cooperation projects in West Africa. Here you will see the first articles of this beautiful initiative that will help fight malnutrition in Bassari Country (Senegal).

Yere Jeëkk (Murcia) exclusively for our festival. The name of this entirely handcrafted brand of clothing and complements made with 100% African raw materials means ‘clothes with charm’ in Wolof (Senegalese dialect). And that same charm is present in the articles made for the Rototom Sunsplash: colourful women’s and men’s t-shirts, made of 100% cotton with an applique of the characteristic map of the continent made with African wax fabric from Senegal, which is one of its trademarks.

The purchase of these unique items will help create community gardens in Bandafassi and Dindefelo, two towns in Bassari Country, under the programme against malnutrition carried out by the NGO Yakaar Africa. They will also boost the development, both personal and professional, of women and men who are part of the textile sector in Spain and Senegal, where the majority of the fabrics which Yere Jeëkk uses come from.