Pack Reggae Pack 2024

Reggae Gift

This year we have prepared a special pack for you, to give to whoever you want, or both:

The t-shirt designed with QR is very special for us, we want to be always connected with you, with our audience, through all media, so you can talk to us by whatsapp, messenger… see the news in videos, radio, festival maps, web, the store through the updates in this address to which the QR links; to feel that connection with you and that you feel it making us participate in your concerns and any message you want to convey to us.

There are 3 versions of the packs at a very special price:

You can choose whether you want long or short sleeves, unisex or ladies’, and whether you prefer a rucksack or a shopper. For €29 with free shipping (depending on country)
PACK 2: Short sleeve T-SHIRT for men or ladies + UNISEX T-SHIRT + KEYRING = 60€.
PACK 3 : gold or silver PLATED PENDANT + SHOPPER OR BACKPACK ( to choose) = 20€, for all Rototom lovers
We hope you will love them