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We launch a collection with socially and environmentally responsible garments and items. Made of natural materials and under fair trade criteria

December brings good news from Rototom Store. Here at Rototom Sunsplash we are finalizing the launch of a new collection of merchandise packed with new items and including socially and environmentally responsible clothing linked to the philosophy of our festival. In the coming weeks we will expand our collection, so keep an eye out, because new developments will keep on coming.

Here at Rototom Store we have strengthened our commitment to designing garments made with natural fabrics such as organic cotton, ecological fibres and hemp with natural dyes. To our commitment to the environment in search of materials and manufacturing processes with minimal impact, we add our commitment to working only with companies that offer their workers decent working conditions. In fact, the shirt chosen for the “Pack Reggae” is ‘fair share’ and part of the price for each purchase goes directly to the worker. This Pack is only available to those people who buy their tickets in the presales period, take advantage of the this offer and Gift Reggae.

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