Treasure Island

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For the first time in Spanish, the entire history of Jamaican music brought together in a single volume and told by the greatest specialists in Spain.

La Isla del Tesoro – Historia Jamaicana del XX Siglo” (2023, VVAA, Caligrama) is a landmark event in Spanish-language music criticism, as unprecedented as it is daring in these times of fragmented information. A true gift for Spanish-speaking readers and fans around the world. It is certain that, even if you consider yourself a connoisseur, you will find something you didn’t know”.

Far beyond the figure and commercial impact of Bob Marley, this unique book redresses the historical injustice of the lack of knowledge that the language barrier had led to in the Spanish-speaking world, to the point of connecting with the current trends of the 21st century. With the active collaboration of Rototom Sunsplash for its publication, only the rivers of Babylon will tell if the effort and dedication of the authors and the recognition of the public will allow it to reach its present day mouth in the future”.

Carlos Monty.

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